Algonquin Historic

Adamek, Old Lady-
Arvedson, Rev. - Episcopal minister who started several churches.
Bau, Fred- Constable
Bratzler, Charles- Pioneer farmer.
Chapell, Stephen S.- Northwestern milk agent, cattle dealer.
Chunn, Charles C.- Businesman, Postmaster
Davis, Jerome D.- Established the Congregational Church
Duensing W- Pioneer and help organize the Lutheran Church congregation.
Dygert, Charles- First to be born in McHenry County, first to join in Civil War
Early, Col. Wm.- Officer in Civil War, 15th IL, publisher of "Citzen"
Ehlert, John- Farmer
Estergren, Wm.- Pioneer settler east of Algonquin.
Ford, Elmer- Farmer of his pioneer parents farm at Hanson Road.
Geister, Christian- Ran feed and coal business, village treasurer.
Gieseke, Laurine-
Gillilan, John- One of the first four settlers, farmed near Algonquin Rd & Rt. 25
Gillilan, Richard- Came with Samuel the first settler in the county, age 6 yrs old.
Goodrich, Ira- Early pioneer.
Green, Harold- Local band leader and teacher in District 300.
Helm, John- Opened the first hardware store in McHenry County with John Peter.
Haeger, Robert W.- Cattle buyer and help promote Holstein strain of cattle.
Hubbard, Harvey-
Jackson, William- Early blacksmith, farmer and later lawyer.
Janak, John- Feed dealer, farm implement dealer, livery business.
Jayne, Hattie-
Johnston, John- Leading businessman and citizen, school board director.
Johnston, Mary A.- Wife fo John Johnston.
Kee, Robert- Early farmer
Kern, David- Early pioneer carpenter who settled in 1840s
Klinck, Isaac- Early pioneer and businessman
Marshall, James- Died of LeGrippe
Miller, JohnQ. - Served as officer in Civil War
Moisman, John - Nationally Known Musical Artist
Morton, Edward- Bought the Pingry Hotel and built it first rate hotel.
Morton, George- Help father run the Morton House (Hotel)
Morton, Ida- Teacher died of peritonitis
Morton, Jane
- Civil War Nurse
Nason, Dr. William- Town Doctor 1880 to 1910
Peter, John- Veteran from Andersonville, Alabama, First Village President
Philp, James H.- Son of James Esq., banker, real estate
Philp, James, Esq.- Early pioneer, real estate, blacksmith, businessman
Plumleigh, Robert-
Ritt, Charles-
Rogman, Old Lady-
Seymour, Ephriam-
Sherwood, Martha-
Shufeld, Robert- Old pioneer came and settled in 1840s
Stanek, John- Early Bohemian farmer
Stone, David- Admiral
Thomas, Serepheana- Wife of Dorr Thomas, cattle buyer
Thompson, Edward-
Tomisky, Frank- Businessman
Tubbs, Henry- Wagon maker, stone mason
Van der Aue, Louis- Taylor in Algonquin
Wienke, Mrs. Joseph- Wife of businessman
Wolaver, Peter- Civil War veteran, Blacksmith on Railroad Street



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