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Congregational Church (1850 - Present)

First meeting was held on February 9, 1850 in Ambrose Dodd home on North Main Street. The Church was dedicated on January 17, 1867. Renovated in 1880. Parsonage was built in 1889. Church was remodeled in 1913. A new bell was hung in 1917. During the remodeling in 1931 the cracked bell was replaced. A school addition was added in 1958 at cost of $65,000. During 1965 classrooms were built in the basement at a cost of $ 8,000.

St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church
(1876 - Present)

Organized by 17 men on March 1, 1876. Church was built in 1877. In 1888 new bell was hung which had the weight of 1,300 pounds. A fire destroyed the parsonage in 1893 which had value of $1,500. The school building was dedicated on October 13, 1901. Classes were taught in German until WW I. Church was replaced with new brick structure designed by well known architect, W.W. Abell. An educational building was added in 1954. The "1915" Church was demolished in 1999 and replaced with modern sturcture.

St. John's Episcopal Church (1850 - 1930)

Organized by Andrew Cornish in 1844. Rev. Peter Arvidson supervised the building of the church in 1864. First service was held November 5, 1865. The church fell into disuse and was torn down in 1931.

Free Methodist Church (1874-1933)

Free Methodist Church was organized on North Main Street in 1874 by Rev. Kelley. Methodists built their church in 1885. It had 13 members. Henry Vogler donated the lot and church was built for $1,275. The church was sold for $150 to a Lutheran group who then moved it to Barrington.

St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church
(1915 - Present)

First catholics met in 1845 and had communion with the Episcopal Congregation. There was Bohemian Roman Catholic Church and German Church short distance from town. Rev. Muldoon begins in 1910 to raise money for new church. Church was dedicated on July 11, 1915 (Indside Church). Polish Cavalry came to participate. Open house for new rectory took place in 1954. Church bought land on east side of river for a new church for $159,000. New basement church opened in 1958. Church converted farmhouse for new rectory during the same year. St. Margaret Mary built new church next to basement church in 1983.



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