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36th Newspaper Articles

Weekly Gazette, Published by M.L. Baldwin & Co., A.J. Joslyn, Editor


Article's Name

Events (Date Written if known)

Aug. 13, 1861

Our New Regiment

Formation of Fox Valley Regiment or 36th Illinois Vol.

Aug. 21, 1861

Fox River Regiment

Beginnings of the Fox River Regiment formation.

Sept. 11, 1861

Regiments of Kane Cty

Formation of the Fox River Regiment

Sept. 18, 1861

The Regiments

Aurora camp. Basic training for 36th Regiment

Nov. 06, 1861

From the 36th.

Looking for rebels, camping at Gasconade River (Oct. 21st)

Nov. 13, 1861

From Our Regiment

Going to camps in Missouri

Nov. 20, 1861

The 36th.

Payday and sending money home, horses still not bought.

Dec. 18, 1861

From the Thirty-Sixth Regiment.

Camp life during winter without cabins (Dec. 11th).

Mar. 05, 1862

From the Thirty-Sixth

Private letter about the march Springfield to Sugar Creek (Feb. 22nd)

Mar. 12, 1862

From the Thirty-sixth

Marching against Price into Arkansas.

Mar. 20, 1862

The Battle of Pea Ridge

Summary of the battle. (Mar. 11th)

Mar. 26, 1862

From the Thirty-sixth

Soldier's letter about the battle with 36th viewpoint (Mar. 11th)

Apr. 2, 1862

Capt. Joslyn Letter, Co. H.

Resignations because of Col. Greusel during battle (Mar. 16lth)

Apr. 2, 1862

From the Thirty-Sixth.

Soldier's report of Pea Ridge or Elkhorn Tavern Battle.

Apr. 23, 1862

Col. E. S. Joslyn

Article about health of Col. Joslyn

Apr. 23, 1862

A Brillilant Exploit

Bentonville skirmisher left behind by Sigel.

Apr. 23, 1862

Army Correspondence

Camp Hoffman and soldier's view of battle (Mar. 20th)

Apr. 30, 1862

Greusel's Report

Report about Companies at Pea Ridge.

Apr. 30, 1862

Col. Joslyn

Health of Col. Joslyn

May 15, 1862

Col. Joslyn

Col. Joslyn looking for his regiment.

May 21, 1862

Progress of the War

Reporting of force marches.

May 28, 1962

Army Correspondence
from Capt. M. B. Baldwin

Movement to Corinth, force march.

May 28, 1962

Col. Joslyn, Capt. Joslyn

Health of Joslyn and rejoining the Regiment.

June 18, 1862

The 36th

Health of its leaders and rejoining the Regiment.

July 9, 1862

The 36th Illinois

Officers resign, Col Greusel on way to correct the problem.

Oct. 1, 1862

Capt. Gilbert

Interesting article of officer arrested because of slave catcher.

Oct. 15, 1862

From the 36th.

Report of battle from the 36th by Leroy Salisbury

Oct. 15, 1862

The Battle of Perryville.

Buell's official report in the Weekly Gazette (Elgin)

Oct. 29, 1862

Col E. S. Joslyn

Joslyn resignation not accepted, headed back to regiment.